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Our Team

  • Respiratory Department
    Jean W. Emmanuel - Director of Respiratory Therapy Maglyn Chavarria - Lead Respiratory Supervisor Ashley Johnson - Respiratory Supervisor Yanet Jaquez - Respiratory Supervisor Heidi Frett - Respiratory Supervisor (Night)
  • Admissions Department
    Diane Marron - Admissions Director Anne Kohlmann - Admissions Coordinator Kim Derosa - Admissions Coordinator Jordan Rivelli - Admissions Coordinator Ashley Bodden - Concierge
  • Environmental Department
    Nicolas LaLaurette - Director of Plant Operations
  • Dietary/Food Services Department
    Deanna Preston - Chief Clinical Dietician Lisa Gluck - Dietician Lisa Papa - Dietician Maureen Cutron - Dietician Erin Needham - Dietician Rohia Siddiqi - Dietician
  • Rehabilitation Department
    Michael Feinberg - Director of Rehabilitation Valerie Labiak - Assistant Director of Rehabilitation Lauren Scibillia - Clinical Director Occupational Therapy Geena Bruno - Senior Speech Language Pathologist
  • Recreation Department
    Adele Sadocha - Director of Therapeutic Recreation
  • Social Work Department
    Benjamin Messam - Director of Social Work Jenna Lacognata - Assistant Director of Social Work Aman Bajaj - Social Worker Jenna Giugliano - Social Worker Jeannot Jourdain - Social Worker Mary Cox - Social Worker Nittu Johnes - Social Worker Wendy Gregg - Social Worker
  • Administration Department
    Josef Simpser - Administrator Thomas Meehan - Assistant Administrator (Brookville, Woodcrest & Sagamore) Edline Joseph - Assistant Administrator (Norwich & Seacliff) Manpreet Sekhon - Assistant Administrator Jessenia Laz - Director of Administrative Operations
  • Adult Day Care
    Vincent Bellino - Director of Adult Day Care Jennifer Scialo - Assistant Director
  • Medical Department
    Dr. Grigoriy Krichmar - Medical Director Kevin Viola - Medical Services Coordinator Dr. Allen - Primary Care Physician Dr. Fink – Primary Care Physician Dr. Mombeleur – Primary Care Physician Dr. Schmuter – Primary Care Physician Dr. Jaber – Primary Care Physician Dr. Vilkas- Cardiologist Dr. Gross- Dentist Dr. Pahalavan- Nephrologist Dr. Abduakhator- Psychiatrist Dr. Virmani- Psychiatrist Dr. Bajaj- Psychiatrist Dr. Lelonek- Optometrist Emely Ciai, NP – Urology Shira Ehrlich, PA- Dermatology Dr. Weinstein- Infection Disease Dr. Koshy- Nephrologist Dr. Burshtein- Neurologist Dr. Zilberbrand- Podiatrist Dr. Gasparini- Podiatrist Dr. Chhabra- Podiatrist Dr. Rosenblum- Podiatrist Dr. Woltman- Podiatrist Dr. Pelcovitz – Podiatrist Dr. Shalshin- Pulmonologist Dr. Halperet- Mobile Vascular Dr. Mondschein – Woundcare Dr. Kaufer- Audiologist Dr. Araim- Physiatry Pamela Braglia - Nurse Practitioner Christina Persaud - Nurse Practitioner Tijuana Temple - Nurse Practitioner Elizabeth Yeno - Nurse Practitioner Eoin Oneil - Nurse Practitioner Neesha Joseph - Nurse Practitioner Ingreet Jean- Lubin - Nurse Practitioner Lillian Blaszcyk - Optum Nurse Practitioner Penny Palmer - Optum Nurse Practitioner
  • Human Resources
    Felicia Accius - Director of Human Resources Bobby Kallicharan - Assistant Director of Human Resources
  • Nursing Department
    Arjune Bhairoo - Nursing Executive Crystal Thomas - Director of Nursing (Norwich & Seacliff) Lorna Peterkin - Director of Nursing (Woodcress, Sagamore & Brookville) Latoya Brown-Hunt - Vice President of Nursing Dina Moustafa - Infection Preventionist Kim Deschamps - Director of Wound Care Christine Marchena - Employee Health Nurse Megan Gardiner - Director of Education Elizabeth Tranchina - Nursing Executive Assistant
  • Medical Records Department
    Imtiaz Ally - Director of Medical Records Yeacram Madray - Custodian of Records David Rodriguez - Custodian of Records Anitha Janardhanan - Director of MDS
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