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Our Admissions Process

It is our goal to make our residents and their family's experience at Cold Spring Hills as pleasant and easy as possible, and this starts with our admissions process. 

From Hospital to our Facility:

  • We notify the families that we need the hospital to send us the paperwork to review for Admission. This is our Patient Review and screening instrument. 

  • We offer the families a tour if they are interested in one. 

  • Discuss insurance and inform families of any co-payments due to the facility. 

  • Once the paperwork is received, we advise the family that we will inform the hospital as to whether we are accepting or denying the admission. 

From Home to our Facility: 

  • We notify the families that we require a PRI and Screen. 

  • We provide, if requested, the names of the PRI nurses to reach out to in order to complete the paperwork.

  • A financial screening is performed to determine if they are eligible for Medicaid or Private pay. If it's determined to be Managed Medicaid, we work with the insurance company to get authorization.

  • If the family wants we offer a tour of the facility.

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