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Crystal Thomas
Director of Nursing (Norwich & Seacliff)

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I am currently employed at Cold Spring Hills Center for Nursing as a the Director of Nursing for Norwich and Seacliff, and hold a position as the QAPI Chairman. Throughout my 40 plus years of long-term care experience, I have played a major role in teaching, maintenance, and adherence to policies and procedures held multiple administrative positions and worked all shifts. Some of my responsibilities have included monitoring and improving facility quality measures and implementation of corrective action plans to improve customer service satisfaction.

 As QAPI Chairman I oversee that we as a facility take a systematic, comprehensive, and data-driven approach to maintain and improve safety and quality at Cold Spring Hills while involving the interdisciplinary team in practical and creative problem-solving.

I believe teamwork always results in the most effective outcomes and enjoy being a member of the Cold Spring Hills Center for Nursing’s family.

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