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Edline Severe Joseph
Assistant Administrator (Norwich & Seacliff)

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Edline Severe Joseph began a career in real estate long before the health field was a consideration. It was always Edline's desire that everyone she encountered had a safe place to call home. However, as family dynamics changed, so did the future. As a Recreation assistant in a skilled nursing facility, Edline quickly realized the enormous value of the many people in healthcare who were not physicians. Spanning over 20 years in health care, Edline has held various positions as Recreation director, Case manager, Sales/Marketing/Community Liaison, Alzheimer’s dementia unit supervisor, Administrator, and Executive director. Amid these accomplishments, Edline, as a single mother, earned her license as a Nursing Home Administrator. Later, as an Administrator at a Trauma 1 hospital, Edline further developed the skill to balance the unpredictable quickly and efficiently.


Long-term care is of utmost importance to Edline because all people deserve quality care; we are responsible for each other. In every setting where she has worked, an assisted living, skilled nursing care facility, or adult home, Edline believes there is “good work” to do. Having the ability to safeguard and foster beneficence in decision-making, mentorship, and support is what drives Edline.


Edline and her husband have enjoyed a union of 22 years. She is the mother of three children who are her pride and joy. In her spare time, Edline enjoys singing, Scrabble, and traveling. Her love for music includes directing a youth choir. Among Edline’s fondest musical memories is her travel throughout the Caribbean with the Church choir along with her performance of Robert Ray’s Gospel Mass at Carnegie Hall.


Edline was recently reminded of this lesson as she celebrated a life well lived: Life waits for no one; live life good. -The Reverend Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas

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