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My mom was a resident at Cold Spring Hills for about a year and a half. She passed away peacefully in January at the age of 92. Mom suffered from dementia, as well as suffering a stroke, which left her without the ability to walk, speak, or use her left side. I visited mom quite often and was always impressed by the treatment she received from all those who took care of her. Much had to be done to make her comfortable and keep her as pain free as possible. Her nurses and aides were all so patient with her, as she could get aggressive when she was touched or didn't understand why things were being done to her. I don't know everyone's last name, but I would like to mention them and let them know just how much they were appreciated. Marguerite and Guerda, Ann Marie, Carol, Claudette, Revinson, Drucilla, Wesnie, Francois, and Mirelle. Mirelle was with mom during her dying moments. When my husband and I got there, she told me that she had cleaned my mom, made her comforable and what particularly touched my soul was that Mirelle told me she had recited the 23rd Psalm for mom. I could see that mom was letting go but I could also see that she was letting go peacefully. Mirelle is a very special person, as are all of the nurses and aides who worked with mom and they have my heartfelt thanks. They were mom's angels on earth. Your PT/OT staff are top notch. I would particularly like to commend mom's OT - Akther. His patience, kindness, and hard work with mom and the time he took to explain to me how she was doing, were all invaluable. Mom lit up every time she heard his voice and would give him her best smile! Your recreation staff is so amazing. Each and every one of them works so hard to bring happiness to the residents. They are upbeat and truly care for all. Angela and Melissa always brought sunshine into mom's life at a time when it was needed. I will miss the Sunday afternoon concerts with mom, but I know that she is now surrounded by wonderful music, free of pain. I will recommend Cold Spring Hills to others who are in need, without hesitation. I thank you all, my family thanks you all, and my dearest mom is smiling down and thanking you all. - Suzanne O.

I find myself in a unique position of writing my second recommendation in a matter of a couple of months! For during this summer, your PT/OT and nursing team (and aides) also helped my daughter literally get back on her two legs/feet. That is why when my husband needed rehab after his knee replacement, I was determined to get him into Cold Spring Hills Rehab. May I once again, give praise and gratitude to his physical therapist, Zen, as she had previously worked very hard with our daughter during her recuperation. I cannot say enough about her work, kind ethics, and professionalism. May I also give credit to Nicole A., my husband's occupation therapist, who prepared him for his independence back at home. Without the two of them, he wouldn't have gotten as far as he did during his two-week stay. This was his first experience ever being operated on and being at rehab. They both gave him confidence and encouragement. - Barbara F.

I wanted to take this time to let you know how wonderful your staff is.  My mother received top-notch care and kindness from so many people while she was there.  My mom would have been 90 next month and was sharp as a tack till the end.  She always loved to talk with the staff and they seemed to enjoy it as well.  She was really treated with professionalism, respect, and love. My family and I are very grateful for the support staff provided to us in addition to my mother. I felt like she had her own special team! - Sharon S.

On behalf of my family, I would like to express my gratitude for the care of my wife, is receiving at Cold Spring Hills Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. Ines became a resident, about 2 years ago. We have nothing but good things to say about the nurses, aides and staff in that unit. She was recently moved to another part of your facility. Because of the restrictions imposed by the COVID19 pandemic, it was difficult for us not to be there for the move. She seems to be adjusting well. I want to especially thank the team that organized visitation by family members. The staff helping with FaceTime and Zoom meetings has been wonderful. It is even better to be able to see my wife in person. Although we need to wear masks and keep our distance, just the fact that your facility offers this service is phenomenal. Special thanks for the care and compassion given by the Visitation team, and the Visitation Coordinator. These are difficult times. We wish you and staff at Cold Spring Hills all the best. - Armand T.

I am writing this on behalf of my mother. I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks to all of you for the amazing care you provided my mother with. My mother will miss all of you. I couldn't believe how nice everyone was. The care was fantastic. They helped my mother, who has dementia, become more interactive. Her mental state leaving there is more coherent than when she got there primarily because of all the communication with just about every employee and also the residents. The employees, even ones that were not treating her including the people in non medical titles were just great. They always had time for a hello and a smile. All in all I can't put into words my gratitutude. In the future I would only come here. I would recommend the place to anyone. All of you should be proud of who you are. You went above and beyond. Thanks.  

- Joseph T.

Fantastic facility, they keep it very clean which is not an easy job so I really appreciate that. They offer many different specialized services and programs which is one of the reasons I recommended them to a family friend and so far she's been very happy which in turn makes my family and I very happy. Thank you!
- Craig E. 

Great People and a peaceful environment. My Aunt said she likes to stay here. She said its like home. We do not have to worry about anything. - Richa Sharma 

I have been at Cold Spring Hills many times. I just want to say a nurse by the name of Dina Carelus was great to me. She took such good care of me. I know the bad rap you have been getting. She was great. That was at Norwhich 3. At Norwich 1, I loved Nurse Barbara. She helped me so much when I first got sick. Over at Seacliff, Robin Leddy was so nice to and is a great head nurse. Also, Jenine Holtsberg, I loved. She was my nurse. And Tamara Irving helped me with rehab. I love her too. I think these girls should be compensated for the great work they do! Thank you!
- Jeffrey M. 

My husband and I went to this Rehab facility after contracted covid 19. We were very happy with all the staff from maintenance staff especially Shavone and Liz and all the AIDS and nurses on the floor. They took very good care of us. Always came with a smile and encouraging words. The physical therapist we both had were amazing - Occupational therapist Jared and Nicole and physical therapist Craig, Laura, Titiana, and Frank. They worked with us everyday so that we were independent to go home together. The concierge Thomas was wonderful. Made sure that he took care of all our needs. Always stopped by to ask us if he could do anything for us If you need to go to Rehab after leaving the hospital, we recommend this facility. Thank you all for what you did for my husband and I. - Sandy F. 

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