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Meet our Director of Therapeutic Recreation: Michelle Russo

In January 2017, Michelle Russo joined our Cold Spring Hills Center family when she was offered the opportunity to run the Therapeutic Recreation department. Being a large facility, this position at Cold Spring Hills presented a challenge, being the go-getter she is, Michelle welcomed this with open arms.

For Michelle, a field in Therapeutic Recreation allowed her the ability to be the reason someone smiled. Her programs, ideas and creativity brings a fun and engaging outlet to our resident's lives. She loves hearing their stories and what they have experienced throughout their lives.

When coming up with new ideas for activities for the residents, Michelle and her team incorporate the resident's interests, seasonal activities, holidays and National days of celebration. A big focus for Michelle and her team is giving back and helping out Philanthropic Organizations such as Breast Cancer Foundations, Alzheimer's Foundations and more. In doing so, the residents feel like they're able to take part in "giving back."

All of the programs Michelle and her team come up with are fun and engaging but she has a few that stand out as favorites; such as Thanksgiving dinner with residents and their families. "One of my favorite times of the year."

When she isn't our Therapeutic Recreational guru, Michelle loves to travel, read, work out - going on hikes and walks, cooking or baking and especially loves being with her family and her adorable dog, Cash.

For those seeking a career in Therapeutic Recreation, Michelle says they should be patient, compassionate, energetic, and creative and most of all, always do everything with a smile on their face.

At Cold Spring Hills we are all about improving our resident's quality of life, and our Therapeutic Recreation department is a huge part of this.

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