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Get to know us: Anne Kohlmann

For the last five years, Anne Kohlmann has been working at Cold Spring Hills Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation as the Admissions Coordinator and has become a vital team member.

What brought you to Cold Spring Hills?

I came and toured the facility before seeking employment and was blown away by the size. A 588-bed facility is unparalleled and can care for many different types of residents, most of whom have a hard time getting placed. We have residents who are on a ventilator and/or need dialysis and those who are at risk of wandering. There's also an acre-enclosed courtyard; it's fantastic.

What makes Cold Spring Hills different or unique from other facilities?

When you visit other facilities, you have minimal space in a two-bedroom; here, all the subacute rooms are singles. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, you have much privacy. There's a convenience store in the facility. If you forget to get a birthday card, it's on the way to the room. If you're coming from work and want a sandwich, there's a deli in the lobby. It's not only comfortable for the residents but also for their families.

What is something you love about your job?

I like to talk to families about money, the subject they fear. They even fear bringing it much will this cost? How can we afford this? All that worry, some of them voice it right away, and some fear it and don't even want to know. How much does mom's insurance cover? What doesn't it cover? How do we, Cold Spring Hills, help fill in the gaps when they can't afford it. I love helping assist with services, screening for Medicaid, and things like that.

What is your favorite memory since starting here?

Before working in admissions, there was a time I was working in the Medicaid office, focusing on people who have unique circumstances. It's challenging and so rewarding. One of my residents was turned down for Medicaid because, during their search through the accounting records, it showed that he had two businesses. How do you prove he doesn't when there are two incorporations? The resident thought of some business contacts who could vouch that the business was no longer operating. To troubleshoot with families and residents to figure out what the county needed was very satisfying.

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