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Benjamin Messam
Director of Social Services

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Benjamin Messam was born in Kingston and grew up as the youngest of eleven children. Growing up, Ben felt comfortable and accustomed to the company of adults since all his brothers and sisters were much older and acted as his parents. He was always more mature than the other children at school and would say things that, at times, only adults should say. He shared a very close relationship with his mother since his father died at an early age when Ben was only 12 years old.


Ben grew up in the kind of family that taught him how to value others and be gracious despite disappointments, disagreements, and dissatisfaction. Being the youngest of 11 siblings, service, justice, and human relationships were the hallmark of his upbringing. His parents molded him to respect and honor his older siblings and revere his grandparents.  


Ben obtained his degree in education in Kingston, Jamaica, and taught metallurgy for ten years, then promoted to Senior School Supervisor. He migrated to the USA and attended Adelphi University, where he obtained his bachelor's and master's degree in Social Work. He later attended Fitchburg State University, where he received his Master of Business Administration.


He has obtained significant experience in the Human Services field, starting at the Day Reporting Correctional Facility in Hauppauge then to ACCESO in Bay Shore for youth and young adults affected by substance abuse.  


Also, he has been working in long-term care since 2008. He started as a medical Social Worker and four years later was promoted to the Director of Social Work at Brookside MultiCare Nursing Centre, formally Avalon Gardens Rehabilitation & Health Care Canter. In 2018 he joined the excellent team of Social Workers at Cold Spring Hills Canter for Nursing & Rehabilitation as the Director of Social Work.

Lastly, probably because of Ben's Christian upbringing and beliefs, he has built his life around helping others. He sincerely believes in the core values of social service; these values include service to others, social justice for all, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence.

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